Custom Tshirt Course (Online Zoom or In Person)

Custom Tshirt Course (Online Zoom or In Person)

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Want to learn how to make Custom Shirts the right way?

Learn how to:

-Size your designs correctly

-How to price your work

-Differences between types of shirts and when to use one over the other.

-Design placements

-Design creation basics

-Where to buy supplies

-Marketing basics

-How to do this with the least amount of equipment as possible.

There's more to this craft then you think. I see so many people making so many mistakes and YouTube never talks to you about SPECIFICS and how they apply to you. 


Investing in knowledge is never a waste of money. Knowledge is power and having someone you can go to as a MENTOR is a priceless investment. 

Class is either on a SATURDAY or a SUNDAY for (5 to 7 Hours). Is a 1-day course. With unlimited access to me as your, to go person for any questions you may have and as a MENTOR.